Medical Gloves

  1. Give complete protection to hands from infections and germs by wearing these Medical Gloves. They are used by doctors as well as patients for preventing the transference of disease causing germs during cross-examination. These comfortable and easy to use gloves can be worn for a longer duration. As they are designed using high-quality material, these Medical Gloves do not tear during medical treatment. In addition, they are flexible, hence they ensure perfect fitting for increased comfort.

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  2. Non Sterile - Nitrile Examination Gloves

    Non Sterile - Nitrile Examination Gloves

    Size: M, L, XL
    Color: Blue
    Material: Nitrile
    Usage: Medical, Hospital
    Grade: Medical
    Warranty: Yes
    Delivery Time: 4-5 Days
    Price: 250 INR/Box
  3. Powder Free Disposable Latex Gloves

    Powder Free Disposable Latex Gloves

    Grade: Industrial, Medical
    Warranty: Yes
    Color: White
    Usage: Medical
    Size: M, L, XL
    Disposable: Yes
    Recyclable: No
    Delivery Time: 4-5 Days
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